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Department Chair: Prof. Alexander Kulik

Studies Advisor: Dr. Nina Rudnik

Department Secretary: Mrs. Meital Biton
Room 4503, Office Hours:
Sun. 14:00-11:00, Mon.-Thurs. 13:00-10:00
Fax: 02-5881245, Tel: 02-5883581 



The students will acquire knowledge of Russian literature and culture, including the study of the Russian language, the elements of Slavic philology and other Slavic languages. Several courses will focus on the interdisciplinary topics such as the relationship between literature and linguistics, literature and philosophy, literature and film, the relationship between Russian culture and other cultures, including Jewish culture. The students will acquire the basic research skills.

The students can combine studies at the Department with the Departments of Comparative Literature, Linguistics, General History, Jewish History, the Institute of Contemporary Jewry (Faculty of the Humanities) and International Relations, Sociology and Anthropology, Journalism and Communications, Political Science (Faculty of the Social Sciences), and more.