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Dr. Nina Rudnik:

Academic Secretary

Mrs. Meital Biton, room 4503
Fax:02-5881245 Tel: 2-5883581
Office Hours: Sunday 14:00-11:00, Mon.-Thurs. 13:00-10:00.


Prof. Moshe Taube

Room 6613

Academic interests: Old Church Slavonic and Old Russian language and literature, Translations from Hebrew in Medieval Russia, Yiddish Syntax, Influence of Slavic on Yiddish grammar, Beginnings of Modern Yiddish, Contemporary Yiddish

Academic Publications:

"On the Penetration of the Perfect into the Russian Narrative System" Russian Linguistics (1980) 5: 121-131.

"Participe et Gérondif en Vieux Russe" Folia Linguistica Historica (1981)2/1: 125-132.

"Le Parfait Participial en Yiddish' Bulletin de la Société de Linguistique de Paris (1982) 77: 331-340.

"Langues-être, Langues-avoir et le Yiddish' Orbis (1984) 33/1-2 [1989], 222-235.

with M. Altbauer, "The Slavonic Book of Esther: When, Where and from What Language Was it Translated" Harvard Ukrainian Studies (1984) 8/3: 19-35. click to view

"Le Développement d'un Auxiliaire Modal en Yiddish: lozn 'laisser'" in J. Fisiak (ed.) Papers from the 6th International Conference on Historical Linguistics [=Amsterdam Studies in the Theory and History of Linguistic Science IV, Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, (1985) vol. 34]: 499-514.

"On Two Related Slavic Translations of the Song of Songs" Slavica Hierosolymitana (1985) 7: 203-210.

"Old Russian блискъ 'pavement'?" Die Welt der Slaven (1986) 31/1" 1-4.

"The Development of Aspectual Auxiliaries in Yiddish" Word (1987) 38/1: 13-25.

"Solomon's Chalice, the Latin Scriptures and the Bogomils" Slovo (1987) 37: 161-169.

with H. Olmsted, "Повесть о Есфири : The Ostroh Bible and Maksim Grek's Translation of the Book of Esther" Harvard Ukrainian Studies (1987) 11: 100-117. click to view

with H.G.Lunt, "Early East-Slavic Translations from Hebrew?" Russian Linguistics (1988) 12: 147-187. click to view

"An Early 12th Century Kievan Fragment of the Беседа Трех Святителей" Harvard Ukrainian Studies (1988-89) 12-13: 346-359. click to view

"О Генезисе одного рассказа в составе Еллинского Летописца второй редакции (о Взятии Иерусалима Титом)" in W. Moskovich et alii (eds.) Russian Literature and History: in Honour of Professor I. Serman (Jerusalem, 1989), pp. 146-151.

"Une Source Inconnue de la Chronographie Russe: le 'Dialogue de Timothée et Aquila'" Revue des Études Slaves (1991) 63/1: 113-122.

"On some unidentified and misidentified sources of the Academy Chronograph" in: Russian Philology and Literature Presented to Prof. Victor D. Levin on his 75th birthday, eds. W. Moskovich et al., (Jerusalem, The Center for the Study of Slavic Languages, Hebrew University, 1992), pp. 365-375.

"Slavic-Hebrew Concordantial Glossary to the five Biblical Scrolls" in: M. Altbauer, The Five Biblical Scrolls in a Sixteenth-Century Jewish Translation into Belorussian (Jerusalem: The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, 1992), pp. 249-421.

"On the Slavic life of Moses and its Hebrew sources" in: Jews and Slavs I, eds. W. Moskovich et al., (Jerusalem-St. Petersburg: Nauka, 1993), pp. 84-119.

with Y. Mazor, "A Hassidic ritual dance: the Mitsve-Tants in Jerusalemite weddings" in: Studies in Jewish Oral Tradition: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Yuval 6), eds. I. Adler, F. Alvarez-Pereyre, E. Serrousi and L. Shalem, (Jerusalem: Jewish Music Research Centre, 1994), pp. 164-224.

"On factivity, emotivity and choice of conjunction in Yiddish" Studies in Language (1994) 18(1): 113-125.

with H.G. Lunt, 'The Slavonic Book of Esther: Translation from the Hebrew or evidence for a lost Greek text?" Harvard Theological Review(1994) 87(3): 347-362. click to view

"The "Poem on the Soul" in the Laodicean Epistle and the literature of the Judaizers" Harvard Ukrainian Studies (1995) 19: 563-577. click to view

"The Kievan Jew Zacharia and the astronomical works of the Judaizers" in: Jews and Slavs (1995), eds. W. Moskovich et al., pp. 168-198.

"תבנית הד ביידיש, מסורות ט-י-יא (Echo-construction in Yiddish)" Massorot 9-10-11 (1995): 397-421.

"Послесловие к Логическим Терминам Маимонида и Ересь Жидовствующих" In: In Memoriam: Pamjati Ja. S. Lur'e, eds. N.M.Botvinnik and E.I.Vaneeva (St. Peterburg: Feniks, 1997), pp. 239-246.

"The spiritual circle in the "Secret of Secrets" and the "Poem on the Soul"" Harvard Ukrainian Studies, 18(3/4) December 1994 [1998]: 342-355. click to view

with H.G. Lunt, The Slavonic Book of Esther: Text, Lexicon, Linguistic Analysis, Problems of Translation (Cambridge, MA: Harvard Series in Ukrainian Studies, 1998), 311 pp. To see review by C.M. MacRobert click hereTo see review by R. Mathiesen click here.

"Подлинный и вымшленный Иерусалим в восточнославянских переводах с еврейского 15-го века" in: Jews and Slavs, vol. 7, eds. W. Moskovich et al., (Jerusalem: The Center for the Study of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Hebrew University, 2000), pp. 41-47.

"The Vilnius 262 Psalter: A Jewish Translation?" in W. Moskovich et alii (eds.) Jews And Slavs 14 (2004): 36-45.

"The Book of Job in Vilnius 262" in: W. Moskovich et alii (eds.) Jews and Slavs 15 (Jerusalem -Sofia, 2005): 281-296.

"The 15th c. Ruthenian translations from Hebrew and the Heresy of the Judaizers: Is there a connection?" in: V.V. Ivanov et alii (eds.), Speculum Slaviae Orientalis: Muscovy, Ruthenia and Lithuania in the Late Middle Ages (Moscow: OGI, [= UCLA Slavic Studies IV], 2005), 185-208. click to view

"Which Hebrew Text of Algazel’s Intentions served for the Translation of the Slavic Logika?" in: M. Taube, R. Timenchik, S. Schwarzband (eds.), Quadrivium: Festschrift in Honour of Professor Wolf Moskovich  (Jerusalem, 2006): 47-52. click to view

"How imperfect can a Cleft Sentence be? Focusing dos- and es-Sentences in Yiddish" in T. Bar and E. Cohen (eds.), Studies in Semitic and General Linguistics in Honour of Gideon Goldenberg (Münster, 2007): 345-377 [=AOAT 334] click to view

"The «Praise of the Virtuous Woman» from Hilandar" in Mihajlević et alii (eds.) Slovo 56-57 (Festschrift for Anica Nazor), Zagreb 2008, 545-558. click to view (pre-print version)

"A Long(-Forgotten) passive construction in Old Rusian" Harvard Ukrainian Studies 28 (2006, appeared 2009), 287-305. click to view 

In Press:

The Logika of the Muscovite Judaizers : a 15th Century Ruthenian Translation from Hebrew. Text edited with apparatus, commentary, translation and word-index, Jerusalem: Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

"Kemoy-subordinatsye in yidish: narative az-zatsn" to appear in C. Rosenzweig et alii (eds.) Festschrift for Khave Turniansky. click to view (pre-print version)

"Verbal Hendiadys in Yiddish" to appear in N. Jacobs, J. van der Auwera, T. Shannon et alii (eds.) Yiddish and Typology. click to view (pre-print version)

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