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Dr. Nina Rudnik:

Academic Secretary

Mrs. Meital Biton, room 4503
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Office Hours: Sunday 14:00-11:00, Mon.-Thurs. 13:00-10:00.


Dr. Valentina Brio

Room 5616

Academic Interests: The city of Vilnius in Jewish, Polish, Lithuanian and Russian literature, Russian romantic literature of XIX centure (A. Pogorel'ski, A. Pushkin, women authors and etc.) in the context of Russian and European literature, Literatue of the Russian Diaspora (W. Nabokov, I. Brodski, R. Zernova), Lithuanian poet and scholar T. Venclova, Polish literature of XIX-XX centuries (A. Mickewich, J. Slovazki, J. I. Krashevski, K. I. Galchinski, C. Milosh, W. Bronevski), Cultural activity of the Polish Army in Jerusalem in 1942-1946: the newspaper "W drodze", cultural contacts with the Jewish Yishuv in Palestine.List of Publications:



Poetry and Poetics of the City. Wilno- ווילנע -Vilnius. Moscow: Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie, 2008. 264 p. (in Russian).


Articles in Scholarly Editions

"Shores of Childhood: “Other Shores” by Vladimir Nabokov and “The Issa Valley” by Czesław Miłosz" in The World of Childhood in the Russian Emigration (Moscow, 2011), pp. 212-219 (in Russian).


“Four Lives of Ruf’ Zernova” in Ruf’ Zernova - Four Lives. Collection of Memoirs (Moscow, 2011), pp. 10-36 (in Russian).


“Alma Mater Vilnensis” Naujasis Vilniaus perskaitymas: didieji Lietuvos istoriniai pasakojimai ir daugiakultūrinis miesto paveldas (Vilnius, 2009), pp. 131-156 (in Lithuanian).


“The Dialogue and Polylogue of Twentieth-century Poets” Dialog sztuk w kulturze Słowian wschodnich. Collegium Columbinum, (Kraków, 2008), pp. 44-51 (in Russian).


“‘We walked the same Streets’. Czesław Miłosz about the Polish Jewry” Jews and Slavs. T. 21: Jews, Poles and Russians (Jerusalem-Gdańsk, 2008), pp.173-184 (in Russian).


“The ‘Crimean Sonnets’ by Mickiewicz. Historical-Cultural Aspect” The Crimean-Polish Collection of scientific works (Simpheropol, 2008), pp. 119-128 (in Russian).


“Between Russia and Europe. Czesław Miłosz about Poland, Russia and Europe” Institut européen Est-Ouest, Université Paris Sorbonne – Paris IV (2008).   URL: , (in Russian).


“Filomatic Code of Wilno of Czesław Miłosz” Czesławas Miłoszas iš XXI amžiaus perspektivos. Mokslinių straipsnių rinkinys, skirtas Nobelio premijos laureato Czeslawo Miloszo 95-čio jubilejui (Kaunas, 2007), pp. 136-158 (in Lithuanian).


“The Space of a Jewish Town in Zalman Shneur’s Poem ‘Vilna’” Jewish Space in Central and Eastern Europe: Day-To-Day-History, Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2007), pp. 251-260 (in English).


“The Forgotten Article about Saul Tchernikhovsky (Publication, translation from Polish and commentaries)” Toronto Slavic Quarterly. University of Toronto. Academic Electronic Journal in Slavic Studies (Nr.14. 2005) Reprinted: (4.9.2006).


“St.-Petersburg through the Eyes of the Hebrew Poet: Mordekhai-Tsvi Maneh”/ (article, translation from Hebrew, publication and commentaries) Jews and Slavs. Vol. 17: The Russian Word in the Land of Israel, the Jewish Word in Russia (Jerusalem, 2006), pp. 307-316 (in Russian).


“Poet in Emigration (Brodsky, Miłosz, Venclova) ”  ‘Those that are in Exile…’ (Moscow: House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva, 2006), pp. 240-254 (in Russian)    


“’I will develop this later…’ (Czesław Miłosz) ” Vyshgorod (Tallinn, 2006, n. 5-6): 66-83 (in Russian).


“’Unfortunately, this Idea is Messianic’. Czesław Miłosz about Adam Mickiewicz” Jews and Slavs. Vol.18: Messianic Ideas in Jewish and Slavic Cultures (Jerusalem-Sofia, 2006), pp.135-139 (in Russian).


“The Face of the City: Jozef-Ignacy Kraszewski” ‘The current of Time's river’. Collection of scientific works in Memory of prof. Ludmila Boeva (1934-2001) (Sofia, 2006), pp. 428-439 (in Russian).


“Ruf`Zernova” Dictionary of Literary Biography. Vol. 317: Twentieth-Century Russian Émigré Writers/ Edited by Maria Rubins. A Bruccoli Clark Layman book (USA), (2005), pp.348-354 (in English).


“The Teacher and the Student. The Gift of Zhukovsky and A.A.Prokopovich-Antonski’s Response (The Book in Collection of Vilnius University Library). Publication, introduction and commentaries” Literatūra (Rusistica Vilnensis), Т. 47(2) (2005), pp. 130-137.


“The Poet and the City: Wilno, or the Shadow of Mickiewicz” Jews and Slavs, vol. 14: Festschrift Professor Ilya Serman (Jerusalem - Moscow, 2004), pp 139-148 (in Russian).